Beaconsfield Surgery Services at The Beaconsfield Clinic

We pride ourselves on having an extensive range of primary and secondary care medical services, all available within our state-of-the-art premises designed for those seeking fast and effective diagnosis and treatment and a rapid referral pathway where required. 

Private GP

We offer a dedicated GP service, providing plenty of appointment time to enable you to thoroughly discuss of all your medical concerns and make informed decisions about your health.

Pain Management

We offer the latest pain management treatments, specialising in the management of back and neck pain.


Our multidisciplinary team will ensure you have the best care and results possible, using the latest innovations.

Spinal Surgery

The Beaconsfield Clinic provides expert advice in spinal deformities, back pain, sports related spinal injuries, nerve and spinal cord compression.


With our expert physiotherapy services, prompt treatment can mean faster recovery, better quality of life and less time away from work and physical activity.


Our experienced team provides expertise in all common eye conditions, vision correction treatment, cataract surgery, eyelid plastic surgery as well as all aspects of general ophthalmology.

Podiatric Surgery

The Beaconsfield Clinic provides a range of podiatry services to aid with all treatments.

General Surgery

Our Consultants provide a wide range of services specialised in key treatments for both men and women.


Our work involves increasing the chances of a natural conception or, if necessary, improving the outcomes of assisted conception (IVF).


We provide a wide range of support and education to women of all ages, on all aspects of gynaecological health.


Our highly respected team of urologists not only attracts patients from all over the country, but also from across the globe.


Cardiology is a recognised strength of the Beaconsfield Clinic and we boast an experienced team along with a wide range of services.


Our consultant led dermatology service provides expert opinion on all aspects of general dermatology, skin cancer and mole screening.

Vascular Surgery

Our service includes vascular and endovascular surgery and vascular treatment for arterial and venous disease.

Breast & Plastic Surgery

The Beaconsfield Clinic offers consultation and advice on a wide range of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures for women and men.


We are dedicated to providing treatments for a wide spectrum of sinus, ear, nose, throat and snoring problems.


Our team of Consultant Radiologists provide a range of general and specialised imaging and intervention services.

If there is a service you require that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01494 410 888 and we will see if we can be of assistance.

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